• Vacation pet sits for Dogs & Cats
  • Daily Dog walks or potty breaks
  • Overnight in your home pet sitting
  • Home security checks


After a long career in the corporate world and living in Mexico for 2 years , I decided to put my business expertise and love of animals to work. I just celebrated my  9th successful year of business in West Seattle.

Just like people, I believe that all pets are individuals and each one has their very own personality and specific needs. We all know how hard it is to leave our beloved pets for business or pleasure travel.  My job is to insure that your pets are cared for like THEY are on vacation and for you to have peace of mind while you are gone. I have always said, "it is easy to love your pets" but organizational and communication skills along with a committed work ethic are a very big part of my job.

While living in Mexico I was very involved in the local spay and neuter program along with adoptions.  I have volunteered for the Seattle Humane Society and Tuxes & Tails.





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Dear Karen, Just a little note of gratitude for the excellent care you have given my best friend and companion, Benny.  When I leave Benny in your care, I leave without a worry on my mind.  I am assured that Benny is happy being with someone who loves him.  The phone calls you have made verifying our timetable,(and you are always punctual), and other pertinent details matter a lot to me.  Also the notes you leave behind noting your activities and Benny’s behavior are also very much appreciated. I appreciate greatly all you have done for us and look forward to many more happy times together
Love Mike and Benny, Seattle, WA

Dear Karen,
I just wanted to send you a note thanking you again for your pet sitting services. I've been very impressed since your very first visit, when we went over all our "kids" schedules and needs. You've been so willing to cater to each pet, dogs & cats and our crazy last minute plans. Thank you for leaving the notes describing your time together and the extra visits/pee breaks when you've been in the area. We really appreciate your expert care and the time you spend giving them all some "love"!  The Sanders-Ways, Seattle, WA

Karen, thanks so much for taking such great care of Katie, Squirt, and Spike.  We are so happy to have found you, and now we can finally go somewhere and not have to worry about our pets. You have a great attitude, and it really shows that you love animals.  I probably overwhelmed you with all of the instructions and little tidbits about each animal, but you didn't seem to mind!  We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived home to find the Daily Pet Journals.  What a great idea, and it was sure nice for us to know how they did and what they did!  I know you said you didn't care for birds often, but when we returned, our parrot, Spike, seemed happy and well cared for.  Thank you for taking on that challenge  and feeding the fish. Tracey & Rob Parker, 

Karen, Thanks for everything, I rave about how wonderful you are to my friends and family...they are only sad because they don't live close enough to be able to have you as their pet sitter too!  I really appreciate the great care you provide, I don't worry about a thing while I'm gone and that says something!  Amy Shephard, Seattle

Hey Karen, Thanks again for taking care of the boy.  He was Eddie the Spaghetti (noodle version) when we got home.  Much rolling and happy to see his peeps but very calm, not needy.  We could tell he had been love dosed!  Our time away was much improved knowing that you are there! Dana & Eddie

Hi Karen, Just wanted to say thanks to you for doing such a great job taking care of Joe and the crew. I love getting the progress notes! They are so helpful.......I was just thrilled to hear Joe was being friendly and playful Saturday evening. We have noticed a big difference in his behavior when we return home from our trips, since you started caring for him....he is more alert, and he does not seem as stressed as he used to be. XO Julie & crew, Seattle

I would recommend Karen Palmer 140%. 
Actually... how about 222%?. She is fabulous.
She'll turn lights on/off, drapes open/closes, mail in, garbage can out to curb, whatever. Plus LOVE & PLAY with our animal friends, feeds poop-clean up duties, etc. She writes a good paragraph in her Journal Log (which she leaves for you to read once you come home) detailing what's going on, each visit, with all the funny things noted to make you laugh when you come back in the door. Very conscientious and professional and loves cats & dogs. She has been doing this as a living (career choice) for years, and is a pro~~ Gail Park